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Does somebody now where the download link is?


How do we play the flash game? Its not working for me

Amazing, can't wait for the full game!

Wow...this little game demo was made in 6 days! That's crazy! I can't wait for the full product to come out in 2018!

Looks fanstatic

I see words describing the game, don't see the game anywhere ...

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Well I finally found it

The song is called Scratch Massive - Paris Feat.Daniel Agust
Deleted 6 years ago

That trailer was perfect. 


I cant play the game could some one help me?


try going to the page in a browser such as chrome doesn't seem to load correctly through the desktop app for me.


Very interesting art style and gameplay approach. I wish I could play your 2014 draft.

Hope you guys are doing well under this pressure.


omg this game is aweesome

This game catch my eye last night very amazing art styles!

I need this game! 

Game does not seem to be working

Why can't I play?

i want play this game D:

Why i can't play?!?!?!

Flash can be weird depending on your browser.


amazing just saw the trailer in e3!!! 

how do I play this, even a demo? i need it in my life.

We need a full game like this

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We're on it. It's happening. Check out on

This game looks very promising

Sometimes the page fails and I can not play it, but when I could do it, I really liked it, keep it up and I hope everything works out well :)

I'm new here, so anybody can help me?

How do I play this game? In wich plataform? I'm really curious about.

Is supposed to appear above where it says "support this game", but sometimes fail, try updating flash player or refresh the page several times

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Where is the game?? UPD: looks like there is problem with chrome and flash

Sometimes fail, try updating flash player or refresh the page several times


Yeah, thx


Still waiting to play this wonderful game! Please Finish It Soon!

exelent game


What is the name of the music
Where can i buy it


Oh My God! I Just Fell In Love With This Demo! WHERE Is The Real Game!?


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Well, it has been two years since you released this demo. When can we expect a release date for the full product? Thank you for your response!


A response would have been more than apprecaited.


Hello Christopher. We are on track, but we can't announce any date for now.
We're working on The Last Night every day, and we're still making changes to the scope of the game.
Our vision is massive, and we're trimming & picking up only the best pieces to make sure the game is as great as it can be.


this game is absolutely amazing I am so in love with this world that you have created. when will it be out ?I want to be prepared and how much will it cost? also can I play it on a computer or pc that would be great.

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Thank you so much. The game should be between $15 & $25. It will be available on PC, Mac, and consoles.

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Hmm... "consoles" suggests more than One, but apparently not with the Xbox exclusive. Probably can't even say when it'll be on PS4 due to MS having you by the short hairs.

Good for you though for being part of today's event. The game looks cool and I look forward to playing it... On PS4.

Oh my god, this is beautiful.

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Hello friends. No need to vote, the game already won in 2014 actually! It's been quite some time. We are making the real game now.

I'm so in love with the pixel art <3


How the hell do I vote? Great job congrats!

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