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Since January 2021, Adobe Flash is dead & content made in Flash is blocked. This is the case of this game. Comment "F" to pay respect. One day we'll port it & release it in another format. One day...



If you can't play here, we also uploaded it here in direct access:


Pull your gun: Space
Shoot: T

The Last Night won the #cyberpunkjam in 2014!
Since then, we've making The Last Night for real now. Have a look:


This is a short, moody, cyberpunk adventure game in the spirit of Flashback & Blade Runner. Made in 6 days by two young brothers living in Paris : Tim Soret & Adrien Soret. Original music & sound design by Laurent Lozano. Additional tracks by Chemise & Scratch Massive.

The Last Night won the #cyberpunkjam, thank you every one of you!

Follow us : @timsoret & @adriensoret


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can we just have a moment of silence for adobe flash player




thank you


i want to play


Flash is dead, your game is same?

i want to play this game

Hi there 

I seen this game years ago on xbox expo. 

I thought it was cancelled

I've been waiting!! 

Wish I could have made the music for it 馃槩

yo it frooooozen.

like hmmmmmmmmmmmm

this thing on trending whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



yeah good game. it is beautiful. just watching three people smoke is so fun! 


Hey freeze the game :/ :/ 


This game do not start UNLESS


looks nice but it's unplayable, frozen in the first scene after the menu


Game freezes on the first train scene :'(


The game doesn't work for me, it freezes at the first train scene


Same is happening with me.. did they modify the game now??


I had the same problem, it's because of a recent flash update.  You have to download an old version of adobe flash and run it locally from the direct link they have up there.

Good Game


i love it, and i will buy this when released


Gosh darn amazing

So this is the game I keep seeing pics of. Great little game.

very cool!


Hello, I am the owner of a game called The Last Nights (Click here to go to website) I dont want to be sued and I am coming to here ask if is OK if I use the name, The two games are very different. Thank you.


Games can have the same name I'm pretty sure

The atmosphere is incredible!

Awesome! :D Looking forward to your game! 


Is there going to beta? (PLEASE)

Release the game.

Sup茅rbe atmosphere!

I believe an actual game of this is coming out but with much more. Will it be like a Futuristic version of Jennifer?

Amazing this was created in six days! Defiantly full-game potential! Would love to see more :)

Este es un juego incre铆ble, es muy bueno, yo espero  poder jugarlo completo cuandon este juego salga :) Muchas Gracias

I don't think I can say much about The Last Night that hasn't already been said many times over by others. The audio for the game is awesome, with the music really giving that 80s future feeling and the sound effects blending well with the world, feeling natural despite the mechanical look. And, of course, the art is fantastic, with the updated version of the game looking absolutely phenomenal. Just from the visuals alone, I am super interested in what awaits.

Great job, devs. Can't wait for the full release.
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Hello mates,

Game visuals look awesome, but what is about music?

Are you planning to involve more retrowave/cyberwave composers into your project?

Please, give me a chance, I will make high level atmospheric OST in right style. 

Cyberpunk bar or dancefloor music - easy, dark urban ambient - no problem, flying car chase scene - I'm on it!
Here is a link to my SC and youtube pages:


Regardless of your decision, I wish you success in your project, which I have been following for more than a year.

Best regards,


If you've only just heard of this game because of E3, then check out my comparison video I've made, comparing the new 4k game with this version!

Awesome tribute, looking forward to the new version

This game is very amazing! :D I'm looking forward to the new version!

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